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first friday/seriously bent

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yesterday i finally made it to first friday. i haven’t gone all year despite the fact that i have been intending to go for the past year… but all that really matters is that my roommates and i finally got our butts over to the south end. there were some really interesting shows this month. katia and i got there first (rachel got lost in her attempt to walk from her internship– she found us though!) and we be-lined it for the kayafas gallery, my personal favorite. it’s a photography gallery. they always have the most interesting collections that make me stand there and think for awhile. i actually chose my artist for design issues and processes sophomore year from an exhibit in kayafas gallery (see post about rania matar). they’ve had some really great ones that deal with gender and social stereotypes.

we hopped around some other galleries and met up with the group that had came from the new england school of art and design. nichole and molly had organized a group to walk over together from the school. i only got a chance to go to a few galleries because it was seriously bent’s last show of the year (and my boyfriend’s last show ever!) friday night too, so i left my roommates in the south end and caught the silver line to downtown crossing (but not before grabbing a pupusa at el triunfo! yummm!)

seriously bent’s show was great! so funny! not that i expected any less, but it was different than their dorm shows. they wrote sketches for this show, so it was a mixture of sketch comedy and improv. i probably got a great work-out in that hour and a half just from laughing. i am sad that i wasn’t able to go to the one tonight, which was truly the last one) but i had to go home for the easter holiday. i actually went home on thursday night for a doctors appointment on friday morning, then i drove back to boston friday afternoon and then back to new hampshire on saturday morning… yea it’s been a busy weekend, but it was worth all the traveling!

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