Tuesday, May 1st, 2012...6:43 pm

finals week

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i must say that this semester’s finals week has been pretty easy.

i feel bad saying that for all those thousands of other struggling college students out there… but i actually have had very little work. i’d like to contribute it to my forethought and efficiency (which definitely deserves some credit!) but i think it’s mostly that i had a relatively relaxed semester… compared to the fall anyway. although i was very busy this semester, i didn’t have a mountain of homework to climb at the end of each day.

it’s also helpful that, despite the stress and the chaos, i photographed most of my work and created a branding for myself at the end of last semester. i’ve had to tweak and refine things since, but i front-loaded all the work then, and i get to relax a bit now. i wasn’t really thinking about that in-between the tears in december, but now i know it was all worth it.

so here i am. a senior-almost-graduated graphic design major on the eve of her last portfolio review… and instead of frantically printing, i get to watch mad men. 🙂

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