i’d like to explain my choice of title for this blog before i do anything else. i truly believe that no one’s life can be summed up in one paragraph (as does e. e. cummings, whose poem i stole my title from). i would say that it’s pretty much impossible. life is complex and unpredictable. as a result, people change and grow. this blog is going to present snapshots of my life. hopefully, this year will result in some positive changes as i go through my senior year at suffolk university.

yup, that’s right. i’m a suffolk student and i’m writing this blog for the university. ultimately, the blog is supposed to give you some insight to the life of a suffolk college student. well, i guess, more specifically, the life of a New England School of Art and Design (NESAD) student. i know that you don’t know who i am, and there is the possibility that you never will. however, i hope that you can take something from the experiences that i share and use that in your life.

i have to admit that this is my first blog. ever. i’m not really sure what to write actually…..
well i guess we can start with some basics. who i am, what i study, where i live. that kind of thing….

this is me!

this is me!

well, my name is kaela. (its pronounced like kayla. but i’ve gotten many variations throughout the years of attendance. my favorite is key-la. a sub called me that for a week in 8th grade).
like i said before, i am a senior at the NESAD.
i’m majoring in graphic design and minoring in spanish.
i live on beacon hill, off campus in an apartment.
i’m from new hampshire (no, i don’t live on a farm).
i spent my freshman year at suffolk’s madrid campus (don’t worry. i’ll talk about this more later)                   as a result, i am obsessed with speaking spanish. madrid is my second home. i love trying new foods and learning about different cultures.i’m a bit of a treehugger. i’m a vegetarian and i love to cook. shopping is one of my favorite activities. i’d like to travel to every continent, at least once.

enjoy! i hope you like the layout (the picture is my own)!

and if you haven’t noticed already, i really like writing in all lowercase. i hope you don’t mind.

the opinions stated in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of suffolk university.


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