Wednesday, May 9th, 2012...10:16 pm

portfolio review

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so ladies and gentlemen, i have made it to the other side! i made it through my portfolio review! i have completed my bfa degree at the new england school of art and design! wooo!

my portfolio review went really really well! i had wallace and two outside professionals on my board, which was kind of nerve wracking. (it’s funny because i was pretty laid back about the whole portfolio business, until two hours before of course…. i got so nervous!! but once i stepped into the room and started talking about my work, the nerves melted away) but they were both very nice and they really made it easy for me to present.

and apparently, i did a really great job! they told me everything looks very professional, and my presentation was very professional! yayyy! i think professional is probably the best compliment i could get at what i would consider a mock interview! so i would say that it was a great portfolio review! 🙂

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