Thursday, May 31st, 2012...10:51 pm

the end… or the beginning

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so this is it. my last blog post. ever.

i am a graduated senior. i am done with college. i have been thrust out into the real world.
now i think i have already expressed how many mixed feelings i have about this moment so i am not going to bore you with more of my nervous-excited blahblahblah. but i will tell you a little about the ceremony!

it was probably the most perfect day i could’ve asked. we had new england school of art and design brunch before the official suffolk ceremony. that was really nice way to end my time at nesad. i don’t think that the larger ceremony would have given me the closure that the brunch did. i was able to see all of my favorite staff members and classmates for one last time in a nesad capacity. and to top it all off, we got to eat a yummy brunch!

the official suffolk ceremony was at the bank of america pavilion on the waterfront. there was a intro per-commencement video which i unknowingly was in. at the champagne toast, christian was interview people, and he forced me to be interviewed. little did i know, that interview (and the video of us dancing on the dance floor later) was going to become a part of a compilation video for the ceremony. while i was lined up, my family and everyone else’s family was watching me on the big screen. i thought i had done my last promo video for suffolk…. apparently not. haha

the ceremony itself was pretty long… it rounded up to three hours. but i am really glad i sat through it all. the speakers were interesting and i think it was cool to see how many people i was leaving suffolk with… turns out there were about 1300 of us!

i think that’s it… so i must regrettably say, goodbye suffolk! goodbye nesad! goodbye readers! it’s been an amazing four years! wish me luck in the real world!! 🙂


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