Monday, April 2nd, 2012...10:55 pm

and the senior show is up…

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after a long and hectic week, the graphic design senior show is finally adorning the walls of the new england school of art and design.

woo, finally. i’ve been building up to this two-week period of time since i started my design classes, but really most of the work has been done in the past month or so. deciding the show theme, getting the logo down, writing and collecting senior statements and not to mention, prepping every once of decent work we’ve ever made to be put in the gallery space and in out own space. yea, that’s a lot. no easy task by anyone’s standards, but it’s finally accomplished. and it feels so good.

as much as i’d like to think that this marks the end of my career at nesad, i still have about a month to go but it’s a nice prep for portfolio reviews, which always end up sneaking up on me at the end of each semester. maybe this year, i’ll finally be prepared ahead of time… but really who am i kidding? it’s still going to be a struggle in the end.

but back to the show… it looks GREAT. i am so proud of all my classmates. everything came together so well. it’s amazing and a little saddening that all of our best work can fit on a 4×6 ft wall. four years of blood sweat and tears (ugh, so many tears) have created what i am presenting to the world. it’s awesome to see how far i have come as a designer and what elements of my aesthetic have truly remained the same. i mean i have two projects from graphic design 1 mingling with the branding/ad series i created this semester. obviously some element of myself came through in those projects, and for that reason, i am using them to represent my talent, my style and myself as a person.

putting everything together really makes your habits (known and unknown) glaringly obvious. for example, i know that most of my work has a very organic (in the freeflowing, living sense of the word) feel. what i didn’t know was that i use a variation of the color yellow in almost everything that i have designed. i don’t even like yellow that much. so bizarre. apparently, though, i love it in my design pieces.

but anyways… if you’d like to come see all of the gd seniors’ work (and the abundance of yellow in my projects in particular), the senior show will be up til April 14th. the reception will be friday april 13th from 5-7!

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