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Monday, February 28th, 2011

real food challenge part dos

so like i said in my last post (see below) i went to a conference this past weekend about real food and getting healthy fresh foods into our community. it was pretty awesome! there were hundreds of kids there from high schools and colleges all around the northeast. it was really great for me, personally, […]

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

real food challenge

this weekend i am going to be participating in this year’s northeast real food challenge summit. it’s being held at northeastern university this year and i am SO EXCITED!¬†food is kind of a hot button issue for me. food and food politics are two things that i happen to be very passionate about. rfc is […]

Monday, February 21st, 2011

tkvba fiesta

on friday i went to worcester to visit my high school friends. my friend val goes to worcester polytechnic institute and every year we have a weekend when all our friends come down for the weekend. we’ve actually been friends since freshman year and we were all on the same volleyball team. now we all […]

Thursday, February 17th, 2011


i don’t think i have talked about this aspect of my life enough on this blog. I LOVE TO COOK. i really really love to cook. new recipes are exciting. i got a new cookbook for christmas (veganomicon by isa chandra moskowitz and terry hope romeo– it’s great!) and i went through the entire thing […]

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

advanced computer applications

we are doing a semester-long (and may i say, fairly intense) project in my advanced computer applications class. i think it may be a little hard to explain, but i am going to try. our first step was to choose a time period. it obviously had to be an era that we were really interested […]

Monday, February 14th, 2011


i think i may have mentioned this before, but i am not quite sure so i’ll explain it again. part of my work study this year is working with molly (our front desk coordinator and resident photographer!) and courtney, another student, on the nesad green team. clever name right? here at suffolk, and now the […]

Sunday, February 6th, 2011


so i’m pretty sure that i have written about this year’s asb (alternative spring break) before, but just as a refresher i am one of the leaders of the trip to georgia this year! yay! we are going to athens, georgia to work on a housing complex. suffolk’s process (compared to the few other college […]

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

snow day!

today is my first snow day in college. i don’t know where you live but new england has gotten pummeled with snow this year. it takes a lot for suffolk to cancel, but i guess yesterday and today’s combination of snow and freezing rain was enough. i am just excited that i got to sleep […]

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