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marathon monday

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i’ve never really participated in marathon monday/red sox related things (although i am finally going to go to my first red sox game ever during senior week this may). all the people and tourists and red sox fans…. it just makes the city a nightmare. i guess saying that makes me cynical… the city life has finally got to me! just kidding haha but nobody really likes an enormous amount of people descending on your home town, especially when it affect your ability to move around the city. but besides my cynicism, it was a gorgeous weekend, and i chose to enjoy every second of sun instead of dwelling on the fact that it took me an hour and a half to get downtown.

every day just got warmer and warmer, so by the time 85 degree monday rolled around i was accustomed to wearing sandals again and singing a song to welcome summer. there is nothing like the summer in the city, and i am so thankful that i get to spend another summer soaking up the city of boston.

on monday afternoon,  a few of my roommates and i headed over to my friend jeff’s roof deck to enjoy our day off from school and the warm weather. getting there was painful (like i said- hour and a half) but it was worth the trek. we lounged around until about 9 pm, when the sun had finally gone down completely and the temperature dropped. it was such a perfect day, and i am glad it came at this stressful time. it was a little taste of what the summer is going to be like, and i just can’t wait!

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