Monday, April 23rd, 2012...9:11 am

its here… the last week of classes.

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this is it! the last week of my undergrad college classes… ever.

that’s scary. this is without a doubt the beginning of the end. twenty-seven days until graduation. a week and a half until my last portfolio review. a mere 4 days away from my last class. this is crazy.

but i am sooo incredibly excited! i’ve pushed that “real world” fear to the back of my mind, and i am just going to enjoy these last days of school, soaking up as much collegiate fun as i can get (senior week is acomin’! woo!). and i am really just looking forward to the summer time. yes, i’ll be job searching (and hopefully interviewing) and it won’t be completely work-free (i have to get myself some business cards and update my website) but i am so excited for warm weather and hanging around the city of boston. it’ll be a nice way to transition. half college life, half real life.

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