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senior show!

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the graphic design senior show is almost here! and i am… almost ready. haha

this is crunch week. it’s kind of like a second portfolio week for the semester. lots of printing. lots of cutting. and lots of stressing to make sure everything is perfect. this is one of the biggest things of our college career as NESAD-ers so we have to be ready to bring our best!

every major at the new england school of art & design gets a week or two when they can take over the gallery space and show off their work to the rest of the school. the foundation department has the space now, but come friday, the seniors of the graphic design dept. are going to take over! it’s really exciting for me, having seen all the shows that have come before it, to have my work and my friends’ work displayed in the school. every time i walk by it for those two weeks, i get to go, “wow, i did all of that.” haha it really is kind of the pinnacle of our senior year because after that, it’s a race towards the finish line.

because of holidays, the reception this year isn’t going be until the last night of the show, which is april 13th. if you are in the area, you should stop by and take a look at all the amazing work! that’s the fun time. this friday, though, is the work time. we have to paint and prep the gallery, bring in all of our work to be selected for the gallery and then when the staff is through picking the gallery pieces, we each have our own space in the hallways that we need to design and arrange. not to mention all the themed decorations that have to be put together. this year’s show name isĀ  dui: designing under the influence. obviously a little play on the acronym, it’s about how, as soon-to-be graduates, all of our influences from family to college have contributed to the creation of us. who we are today would not be who we are without the influences and inspirations in our lives. it’s kind of a weighty idea, but we are going to have fun with it (ie, everyone will have a mug shot).

i am very excited, nervous and overwhelmed at the moment, but i know it will turn out to be amazing. because no matter what happens, our work will stand out on it’s own!

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