Thursday, March 1st, 2012...1:27 pm

alahambra poster

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in my graphic design four class, our newest project goes along with a new trend in graphic design: info graphics!

i am sure you all have seen an info graphic before. if you haven’t you should check out because they have some amazing ones which focus on some relevant social issues. very informational and very cool. we’re not doing exactly that, but something along those lines. we had to pick any building in the world,  and we have to design an informational poster about it, using images to convey most of the information.

it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. when you see an effective info graphic, it just makes sense. you understand the facts, statistics or comparisons that are being shown to you, but figuring out the right graphics is the challenging part. for this project the design challenge is how to best convey the information you have without using words.

kind of scary right? we’ve always been given information through words, but sometimes simple things, like pie charts, help, especially for us visual people, the information stick with us so much better. so that’s my challenge right now. i’ve chosen my building–the alhambra in southern spain– and collected the information i want to display. now it’s just a matter of displaying it in a successful way!

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