Sunday, December 4th, 2011...11:30 am

christmas and birthday parties

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i was booked last night. i had two celebrations to go to. count them — two! (originally i had three but one birthday party got cancelled). a christmas party and a three-person birthday party. two parties. two different groups of friends. two different areas of the city.

my friend jeff was hosting a christmas party at his apartment in beacon hill. hope and i headed over there and rachel met up with us after work. everyone was dressed up, and jeff and his roommates had decorated the apartment with a bunch of christmas decorations. for the first time (for me anyway), i really felt like it was christmas. i borrowed one of hope’s dresses. it was red with white stripes on the back so i had the whole candy cane thing going one. it was nice to not think about all the school work ahead of me and just enjoy the fact that christmas was coming soon and it gave me an excuse to eat gingersnap cookies. 🙂

jackie, moira and eric’s party was not very christmas-y but just as festive. jackie had decorated her apartment in brookline and had this awesome streamer wall, which provided an excellent backdrop for photos. there were a lot of people i didn’t know there so i met some interesting new people. i had a great conversation about vegetables and the american food system with this guy named ryan. and i learned that the guy that was dancing tectonic was from houston, texas and was going to school at mass pharmacy.

overall a great night! i was kind of dreading the party hopping thing but i kind of enjoyed it. it was like i had two nights in one!

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