Monday, October 24th, 2011...7:27 pm

halloween is almost here!

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happy early halloween! i cannot believe that one of my favorite holidays is almost here! this semester is going by so fast!

i don’t know about you, but i love halloween. it’s not just the candy and the costumes, it’s that feeling of mystery and mischievousness that comes along with the new chill in the air. it’s a creepy holiday but i love it! and i am thankful that my roommates are just as into it as i am. well actually, i think hope is an even bigger fan of it than i am. she brought back all this halloween stuff from the last time that she was home. we had this thing that screams every time you brush up against it. originally it was on the fridge, but someone thought it was a great idea to put it behind the towels on the bathroom door. i had no idea it was there and it scared the crap out of me when i got home really late one night. it stayed on the door for an amazingly long time, even though we all complained about it every time we went into the bathroom. haha

i’m gearing up for this weekend along with everyone else. my roommates and i decided to throw a party so julie came back with 800 sq ft of fake cobwebs to decorate the apartment. i’m going to have to set aside time to get my homework done or else i will probably be having too much fun carving pumpkins (that’s tomorrow nights plan), decorating and eating candy to think about design, which would be a major issue since we just passed the halfway point in the semester!

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