Copyright Law

Copyright Law

Copyright Primary Sources

Copyright Basics
By the U.S. Copyright Office.

Copyright Law of the U.S.
By the U.S. Copyright Office. Pdf format available.

Copyright Law of the U.S.
By Cornell & LII. Frames version. Parallel authorities and updates available.

Copyright Regulations
Title 37 of the CFR. By Cornell and the LII.

U.S. Copyright Office

Copyright General Sites

Copyright Clearance Center

The Copyright Website
Award winning

Copyright Legislation

Search for U.S. copyright legislation

Copyright Cases

Circuit Courts of Appeal
Search for Copyright cases at Cornell’s LII.

Select Decisions
By Bitlaw.

Copyright Forms

U.S. Copyright Forms
By the U.S. Copyright Office. In .pdf format.

Copyright International

Berne Convention

Copyright Treaty

International Intellectual Property Alliance

Copyright Universities

Copyright & Fair Use
From Stanford University Libraries

Copyright Law in the Electronic Environment
A primer by Georgia Harper.

Copyright Resources Online
From Yale. Exhaustive list of university links.

U.S. Patent, Trademark & Copyright Information
Franklin Pierce Law Center.

Excellent Guides:
Copyright on the Internet
This discussion addresses U.S. copyright issues of concern to those who post to or own email lists or have put up web pages.

Copyright for Computer Authors,
Copyright in Visual Arts,
Avoiding Intellectual Property Problems,
When Copyrights Expire.

Other Copyright sources

Digital Millenium

Copyright Act

Copyright Law Overview
A collection of Intellectual Property resources from the Legal Information Institute – includes international materials.

General Information on Copyright Law – General Link to Copyright Office:
From The Library of Congress. Lots of good stuff here, including info. on copyright requests, licensing, and FOIA requests. See their page of copyright circulars for good overviews of many aspects of copyright law.

International Copyright Law – World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
WIPO Copyright Treaty

ALA copyright information
The American Library Association’s page of copyright information.

Copyright – Music Related

An overview of Copyright Law as it relates to Music

Coalition for the Future of Digital Music

Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

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