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Volume XVIII Number 2


Technology-Enhanced Employees and the Americans with Disabilities Act
18 J. High Tech.L. 238 (2018)
Konrad S. Lee & David W. Read


Communications Act 2021
18 J. High Tech. L. 270 (2018)
William Lehr & Douglas Sicker


An Analysis of the First Amendment Through the Lens of Social Movements: How Apple’s Latest iPhone Patent Can Change the Way We Rise
18. J. High Tech. L. 331 (2018)
Ashley E. Russo


Risk, Reward, Robo-Advisers: Are Automated Investment Platforms Acting in Your Best Interest?
18 J. High Tech. L. 367 (2018)
Dominic Litz


The Legal Profession: From Humans to Robots
18 J. High Tech. L. 396 (2018)
Jordan Bigda


Encryption: What is a Defense Contractor’s Role in a Cyber World?
18 J. High Tech. L. 429 (2018)
Brandon M. Basso

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