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JHTL is student-run by an Editorial Board of past JHTL staff members. Students who become JHTL staff members are able to receive academic credit for working on a piece for publication, cite-checking, and writing a book review. The Editorial Board coordinates and supervises the research and writing development for all JHTL staff members. Staff members are selected through the summer write-on competition, and membership is open to all students who qualify, not just those concentrating in Intellectual Property.

A unique feature of JHTL as a Suffolk Law Honor Board is its ability to publish all articles online, which allows members to publish their materials while still at Suffolk. Making articles available on Westlaw, Lexis, and the JHTL Web site allows members of the legal community direct access to our timely articles, notes, and case comments.

For more information about the JHTL, please contact us at jhtl@jhtl.org.

If you are interested in submitting an Article for publication, please review our policy on Article Submissions.

Welcome to JHTL

We Robot: Artificial Intelligence in Law Schools

Law schools around the country are beginning to develop new courses in order to help the legal profession keep up with the changing face of technology. Northwestern Law and Suffolk University Law School are just two examples.

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Ingesting “Digital Pills” to Promote Prescription Adherence

A recent drug was just approved within the past few weeks that can alert doctors and other individuals that a patient has swallowed and successfully ingested their medication.

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What’s with the Camera: A Look at Audio Visual Depositions in Massachusetts

By Ben Carroll In early 2017, the Massachusetts Standing Advisory Committee on the Rules of Civil and Appellate Procedure (SAC) solicited comments on proposed amendments to the Massachusetts Rule of Civil Procedure, Rule 30. Rule 30 governs depositions upon oral...

The Impact of EU’s New General Data Protection Regulation on Global Firms

By Jenna Andrews Amidst the massive data security breaches of the past few years, there is growing skepticism worldwide about the safety of personal data held by companies and other organizations. In the past five years alone, billions of individuals have had their...
Book review

2015 – 2016

Anticipating Child Exploitation due to Blurred Boundary Lines by Media and Society

Written by Holly A. Smith and reviewed by Angelica Diaz

e-Discovery: The Untold Story of my Quest for Justice

Written by Laura A. Zubulake and reviewed by Caroline Murphy


In conjunction with Suffolk Law’s Intellectual Property Concentration, and under the guidance of Professor Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, JHTL produces a series of podcasts on topical issues of law, technology, and IP:

Introduction Podcast

Welcome to the JHTL Podcast 2015-2016 series! In this episode we introduce the creators and interviewers Jerry Chapin, Andrew Glenny, and Olivia Vaché, all students at Suffolk University Law School interested and/or studying technology in law.

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