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JHTL is student-run by an Editorial Board of past JHTL staff members. Students who become JHTL staff members are able to receive academic credit for working on a piece for publication, cite-checking, and writing a book review. The Editorial Board coordinates and supervises the research and writing development for all JHTL staff members. Staff members are selected through the summer write-on competition, and membership is open to all students who qualify, not just those concentrating in Intellectual Property.

A unique feature of JHTL as a Suffolk Law Honor Board is its ability to publish all articles online, which allows members to publish their materials while still at Suffolk. Making articles available on Westlaw, Lexis, and the JHTL Web site allows members of the legal community direct access to our timely articles, notes, and case comments.

For more information about the JHTL, please contact us at jhtl@jhtl.org.

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Welcome to JHTL

Graduating to Unemployment: How Technology Is Filling The Void

Accessibility to affordable higher education for all students remains a huge bipartisan issue in the United States. Innovators are no longer waiting for the government to take action. When it comes to educational options, technology is creating a college opt-out provision for students wanting to enter the workforce debt-free.

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Have the C.I.A.’s Hacking Capabilities Gone Too Far?

Wikileaks has recently set its sights on the Central Intelligence (“C.I.A.”) with its latest release of what has been deemed the largest C.I.A. document leak in history. The leaked documents reveal information concerning the hacking tools that the C.I.A. utilizes to hack smartphones, computers, and Smart-TVs. This creates a problem for the C.I.A. who uses these hacking tools to engage in foreign espionage. Now the real question for debate is whether these tools give the C.I.A. hacking capabilities that go beyond their mandated powers.

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Are Smart Guns Smart?

A German gun manufacturer, Armatix, has developed a handgun (the Ip9) that it believes law enforcement will finally trust, and by extension, the public will trust. However, there is a lot of concern and apprehension if such a weapon were to be available to the open public. The Ip9 is a “smart gun”, which is equipped with technology that inhibits accidental or unauthorized discharge.

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Samsung Smart TV’s listening to Your Private Conversations

Samsung Smart TV’s which possess listening features are warning consumers not to have personal conversations around the TV, because it is listening. Not only are Samsung Smart TV’s listening to personal conversations, they are then transmitting the information they hear to third parties. This raises many privacy concerns for both Samsung and its consumers.

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Book review

2015 – 2016

Anticipating Child Exploitation due to Blurred Boundary Lines by Media and Society

Written by Holly A. Smith and reviewed by Angelica Diaz

e-Discovery: The Untold Story of my Quest for Justice

Written by Laura A. Zubulake and reviewed by Caroline Murphy


In conjunction with Suffolk Law’s Intellectual Property Concentration, and under the guidance of Professor Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, JHTL produces a series of podcasts on topical issues of law, technology, and IP:

Introduction Podcast

Welcome to the JHTL Podcast 2015-2016 series! In this episode we introduce the creators and interviewers Jerry Chapin, Andrew Glenny, and Olivia Vaché, all students at Suffolk University Law School interested and/or studying technology in law.

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  • Graduating to Unemployment: How Technology Is Filling The Void
    By Sammi Elefant   Americans owe almost $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. See A Look At The Shocking Student Loan Debt Statistics for 2017, Student Loan Hero (Feb. 8 2017) archived at https://perma.cc/Q55C-5EUB.  The average graduate of the Class of 2016 took on $37,172 in crippling debt that can hover over them for many…
  • Have the C.I.A.’s Hacking Capabilities Gone Too Far?
    By Melissa Dobstaff   Antisecrecy organization WikiLeaks is back in the news once again after releasing a large batch of Central Intelligence Agency (hereinafter “C.I.A.”) documents.  The recently released documents disclose the sophisticated software hacking tools that the C.I.A. has at their disposal.  While WikiLeaks initially released a total of 7,818 web pages with 943…
  • Are Smart Guns Smart?
    By Derek Ciulla   Guns of the future aren’t exactly looking like the guns in Star Wars or other Scifi flicks but they are looking quite different these days. Armatix, a German firearm manufacturer, has created a new handgun called the Ip9. Similar to the very popular 9mm handgun, the Ip9 is a “smart gun”…
  • Samsung Smart TV’s listening to Your Private Conversations
    By Angelica Diaz   As technology progresses, consumers now desire that the products they use require less and less actions on the part of the consumer.  Many television and cable companies have caught onto this trend and have made voice active remotes, and now voice activated televisions.  The problem with voice activated products, is what…
  • Trump administration’s delay of the DOL’s new Fiduciary Rule Not Stopping Firms from Preparing for Strict Standards
    By Dominic Litz   The Department of Labor (“DOL”) has gone through years of drafts, arguments, hearings, and push-back over their recently approved Rule which redefines who a fiduciary is.  After all that work, the Trump administration delays it.  First off, a fiduciary is a person who is held to one of the highest ethical…
  • PayPal Misleads Giving Fund Donors on Where Funds Were Donated
    By Nicole Siino   PayPal Giving Fund is an online non-profit organization that encourages PayPal users to donate to charities of their choice. People can donate to PayPal Giving Fund by using PayPal, eBay, and other web based organization. The philanthropic website is a major donor in the online fund-raising world. Last year, PayPal processed…
  • Turning Tables on Copyright Law: The Potential Impact of Capitol Records, LLC v. RiDigi Inc.
    By Kaitlyn Stone   Most of us have sold or bought something on Ebay or a similar consumer resale website. It’s not a very controversial topic: If you have no use for something or would like to make a little extra cash by selling something you have laying around the house, why not allow someone…
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