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JHTL is student-run by an Editorial Board of past JHTL staff members. Students who become JHTL staff members are able to receive academic credit for working on a piece for publication, cite-checking, and writing a book review. The Editorial Board coordinates and supervises the research and writing development for all JHTL staff members. Staff members are selected through the summer write-on competition, and membership is open to all students who qualify, not just those concentrating in Intellectual Property.

A unique feature of JHTL as a Suffolk Law Honor Board is its ability to publish all articles online, which allows members to publish their materials while still at Suffolk. Making articles available on Westlaw, Lexis, and the JHTL Web site allows members of the legal community direct access to our timely articles, notes, and case comments.

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Welcome to JHTL

Can Your Employer Use Your Employment Contract to Force You to Arbitrate Class Action Claims?

The Supreme Court will decide a circuit split regarding private arbitration agreements within employment contracts which could influence the slew of sexual harassment claims against Silicon Valley Corporations such as Google and Uber.

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Twitter Attempts to Censor Senate Candidate’s Tweets

Twitter’s recent attempt to censor a politician’s campaign advertisement reignites the debate on the relationship between free speech and social media.

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How Blockchains Can Change Real Estate Transactions

Blockchains are changing the real estate industry. Last week, the first property was sold in the Ukraine through a smart contract on a Blockchain. Tech companies are insisting this will create a new era in real estate transactions.

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California Bill to Counter Trumps Repeal of FCC Privacy Protections for Internet Users Gets Shut Down in Legislature

California recently attempted to pass a piece of legislature which would give individuals a greater deal of control over what internet providers and other similar companies would be able to do with your private information, and the information they gather on you by monitoring your online activity. However when the time came, the bill was not even voted on.

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Book review

2015 – 2016

Anticipating Child Exploitation due to Blurred Boundary Lines by Media and Society

Written by Holly A. Smith and reviewed by Angelica Diaz

e-Discovery: The Untold Story of my Quest for Justice

Written by Laura A. Zubulake and reviewed by Caroline Murphy


In conjunction with Suffolk Law’s Intellectual Property Concentration, and under the guidance of Professor Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, JHTL produces a series of podcasts on topical issues of law, technology, and IP:

Introduction Podcast

Welcome to the JHTL Podcast 2015-2016 series! In this episode we introduce the creators and interviewers Jerry Chapin, Andrew Glenny, and Olivia Vaché, all students at Suffolk University Law School interested and/or studying technology in law.

  • Can Your Employer Use Your Employment Contract to Force You to Arbitrate Class Action Claims?
    By: Jennifer Bourne The short answer to this question is yes, but maybe not for long. On October 2, 2017, the Supreme Court heard arguments for three consolidated cases regarding the legality of private arbitration clauses in employment contracts. These agreements challenge the notions of various federal laws meant to protect the rights of employees…
  • Twitter Attempts to Censor Senate Candidate’s Tweets
    By: Susan Allen Twitter recently found itself on the receiving end of negative criticism from numerous sources after its attempt to censor tweets from a Republican Senate Candidate. Twitter notified Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., that it would not run her campaign video because it contained “inflammatory language.” Such language arose from Blackburn’s stance on the…
  • How Blockchains Can Change Real Estate Transactions
    By: Alexa D’Angelo On October 12, 2017, the founder of TechCrunch purchased a $60,000 flat in the Ukraine from developer Mark Ginsburg. The entire transaction was completed via smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. This was the first piece of property to have been bought and sold using this technology. Blockchain technology is typically known…
  • California Bill to Counter Trumps Repeal of FCC Privacy Protections for Internet Users Gets Shut Down in Legislature
    By: Jerry Hanley In early April of this year, President Trump enacted congressional legislation in order to repeal the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) privacy protection afforded to Internet Users. This decision ultimately allows Internet providers to partake in the online advertising market by allowing them to collect, store, share, buy and sell a host of…
  • Apple’s New Facial Recognition Software is a Criminal Procedure Question Waiting to Happen
    By: Nicholas Feloney At Apple’s September 2017 product launch the company introduced the iPhone X which allows users to unlock the device by simply looking at it. Unlike your phone’s traditional passcode, which is protected by the Fifth Amendment, your face and fingerprint alike are not. The Fifth Amendment protects against self-incrimination and prevents the…
  • Tech Data is Critical in Montreal Mother’s Search for her Son
    By: Sammi Elefant Jesse Galganov, a dual Canadian/American citizen was last heard from on September 28, 2017. He left for an eight-month backpacking trip across South America and Southeast Asia last month. The Montreal native was traveling prior to beginning medical school. His mother, Alisa, knew something was wrong when she hadn’t heard from her…
  • Gambling and the Internet: Do You Know If You’re Protected?
    By: Julia Gonsalves As the fall season approaches individuals of all ages gear up to start thinking about their fantasy sport teams. Some people choose to use Yahoo Sports to create fantasy leagues with their friends, but others may choose to use internet platforms such as DraftKings Inc. and FanDuel Inc. These types of organizations…
  • Illegal Streaming of HBO and What to Do Next
    By: Peter Cruice In July 2017, HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series had launched its newest season opener, but the rise of illegal streaming produced serious back lash by HBO. According to MUSO, a piracy monitoring firm, the season opener was pirated an estimated 91.74 times around. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) protects internet…
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