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Volume XIV Number 2

Volume XIV, Number 2

Current Issue



An Ex Ante Theory of Patent Valuation: Transforming Patent Quality Into Patent Value
14 J. High Tech. L. 148 (2014)
Maayan Perel

Freeing Archival Research From The Accidental And Overbearing IRB Regulation That Costs Human Lives
14 J. High. Tech. L. 237 (2014)
William K. Briggs

Workable Solutions To The Challenges Of Patenting An Innovative Process
14 J. High. Tech. L. 316 (2014)
Jamie Hopkins & John A. Pearce II

Beyond Notice And Choice: Privacy, Norms, And Consent
14 J. High. Tech. L. 370 (2014)
Robert H. Sloan and Richard Warner

Goodbye PII: Contextual Regulations For Online Behavioral Targeting
14 J. High. Tech. L. 413 (2014)
Yuen Yi Chung

Mobilizing Payments: Behind The Screen Of The Latest Payment Trend
14 J. High. Tech. L. 451 (2014)
Brianna L. Reed

Don’t “Pin It” On Pinterest: Addressing The Conflict Between The Culture Of Sharing And Secondary Liability For Copyright Infringement
14 J. High. Tech. L. 482 (2014)
Roxanne A. Stokes

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