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Volume XV Number 1

The GPL Meets the UCC: Does Free Software Come With a Warranty of No Infringement?
15 J. High Tech. L. 1 (2014)
Stephen McJohn


Twibel Retweeted: Twitter Libel and the Single Publication Rule
15 J. High Tech. L. 63 (2014)
Adeline A. Allen


Google: The Endemic Threat to Privacy
15 J. High Tech. L. 97 (2014)
Bridget A. Sarpu


Does Dolly Deserve Defense? An Analysis of the Patentability of Cloned Livestock
15 J. High Tech. L. 135 (2014)
Andrew Clark


Are Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League Violating American Antitrust Laws Through Their Blackout Restrictions?
15 J. High Tech. L. 165 (2014)
Jared Bishop


Cybersecurity Finally Takes Center Stage in the U.S.
15 J. High Tech. L. 192 (2014)
Kayla Morency





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