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Volume XIX Number 1

Liability Considerations When Autonomous Vehicles Choose The Accident Victim

19 J. High Tech. L. 1 (2018)

Alfred R. Cowger, Jr.


Online Vote Swapping: Enabling High-Tech Political Coalitions Or Border Ruffian Takeovers?

19 J. High Tech. L. 61 (2018)

Daniel P. O’Leary


Triggered: Mass Shootings, Smart Gun Technology And The Search For Solutions

19 J. High Tech. L. 103 (2018)

Anthony W. Metzler


The Implications Of Major News Outlets Broadcasting Law Enforcement-Citizen Encounters: Are They Reliable?

19 J. High Tech. L. 130 (2018)

Matthew R. Mattie


Privacy In The Twenty-First Century Smart Home

19 J. High Tech. L. 162 (2018)

Susan Allen


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