Looking for an summer activity for your teen?

Consider enrolling your sophomore, junior, senior or entering college freshman in our  5 week Pre-College Summer Program.

For over ten years, our Pre-College Summer Program has provided students with a supportive environment in which to improve their skills and work in a wide variety of mediums. Students develop projects in Drawing, 2D Design, Painting and 3D Design – a range of projects meant to foster creativity and mirror the foundation studio experience of a college freshman.

July 8- August 7, 2014
Tuesday through Thursday
Cost: $1240.00
Discounted gift rate of $1215.00 for Pre-College registrations postmarked by December 31, 2013. Register Now!

Students who successfully complete the program will have an opportunity to apply for a portfolio waiver for admission to one of Suffolk’s BFA programs in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration or Interior Design


Alumni Survey Provides Wealth of Information


The survey that NESADSU emailed in February to our alumni of the past ten years has provided some very interesting and gratifying information which will be used in advertising and recruiting, on our website, and as bragging rights to anyone who wishes to listen. (Of the 607 alums who received the survey, 251 responded, an impressive number.) Designed by NESADSU’s Bill Davis and Sara Chadwick, with lots of help from Megan Daley of the University’s Office of Institutional Planning & Research, the survey asked questions about employment, further education, professional recognition, and positive and negative aspects of the NESADSU educational experience, in addition to updated contact information. (If you graduated between 2003 and 2012 and didn’t receive a survey, it’s probably because you’re not in our alumni database. You can fix that by sending your current home and work information to schadwick@suffolk.edu.)

We’re still looking at and organizing the data returned to us and we’ll have information on that in the near future. What we can tell you are the names of the winners of the $50 American Express gift cards, who were chosen at random from the lists of responders. They were:

  •  Melanie Stack (Interior Design 2011)
  • Bethany Burns (Interior Design 2012)
  • Aaliah Al-Aali (MA in Graphic Design 2011)
  • Nicole (Dagle) Morse (MA in Interior Design 2008)
  • Mariano Conejo (MA in Graphic Design
  • Jennifer Virden (Decorative Arts 2007)
  • Justin Marquis (Graphic Design 2008)
  • Nichole (Kaye) Vatcher (Fine Arts 2004)
  • Greg Frye (Graphic Design 2009)
  • Holly Coutu (Fine Arts 2011).

(That’s one in every 25 who responded to the survey by the designated date.)

Thanks to everyone who took part! Stay tuned for the results.         `


2011 – Aaliah Al-Aali

classnote2011 – Aaliah Al-Aali (MA in Graphic Design) has left her job at an advertising agency in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is currently the design leader at the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Apparently the general manager of the IT department so loved the design of the Qu’ran Aaliah did as her Masters Thesis project that “he wants me to reflect the style in the Ministry. We’ll soon be redesigning the external and internal portal pages. Working in the government sector is so different but I’m liking it so far. I like giving something to the country.” Aaliah is also freelancing as well a giving stand-alone lectures on graphic design at Princess Nora University. You can reach her at aaliah.design@gmail.com.

2006 – Allison Curran

classnote2006 – Allison Curran (Interior Design) has relocated to San Francisco and is working as a furniture designer for Pottery Barn. She works with four otherimgres designers (“…a smaller team than I ever imagined for such a big line of furniture”) and is the only interior designer; the others all have backgrounds in industrial design. In a nod to her past life, Allison says, “Had I not decided to move to the West Coast, I would have stayed working for Gary [McBournie, NESAD 1973 and the Principal of Gary McBournie, Inc. in Boston.] forever as he was an incredible boss and an amazing designer.”  But Allison says she loves San Francisco because it has so much to offer and would recommend it to anyone.You can get in touch with Allison at acurran16@gmail.com.

1993 – Steinunn Jonsdottir

classnote1993 – Steinunn Jonsdottir (Interior Design) and her family spent the summer at their farm in the north of Iceland, in the company of the resident artists IMG_3166and designers at the Baer Art Center, of which she is the director (www.baer.is). In addition they managed to fit in a trip to Tuscany and a family camping rip to Skaftafell National Park, closer IMG_3258to home. Steinunn and her husband have four children: Unnar Örn, a happy 2 1/2 year old toddler who loves the outdoors; Baldur who is 6 and a dedicated soccer player; Jón Bragi, who, at 15, is headed to junior college in the fall; and Nanna Katrin, 18, who is halfway through her four years of junior college and who is more and more into music. Steinunn and her husband, Finnur, are “trying to keep up with the endless projects that pile up around family, business, farm life and the art center and are hanging in there!”. Steinunn herself is finishing up the renovation of the Baer Art Center website, and is working on new brochures as well as a Baer cookbook. You can get in touch with her at sj@sj.is.


NESADSU Alumni Included in Exhibition at Suffolk

Sam Spano
X’s (Bead Painting #9), Acrylic on Canvas, 38″x84″

featureAn exhibition of the works of NESADSU faculty in Suffolk’s Stahl Building at 73 Tremont Street includes the work of two alumni, Sam Spano (Fine Arts 2010) and John Roy (Fine Arts 2012). The exhibition, curated and installed by James Manning (Fine Arts 2005), is available for viewing in the public areas of the 12th and 13th floors until July 31, 2013. Also featured are works, in a variety of mediums, by Foundation, Fine Arts and Illustration faculty, including Harry Bartnick, Bebe Beard, Linda Brown, Paul Andrade, Deb Weisberg, Lydia Martin, Lisa French, Steve Novick and Susan Nichter.

John RoyWall Work No. 27, Wallpaper, interior paint, molding, Approx. 12"x12"
John Roy
Wall Work No. 27, Wallpaper, interior paint, molding, Approx. 12″x12″

As NESADSU Chairman Bill Davis said in his introduction to the exhibition: “Collectively, it [the exhibition] speaks volumes about the creativity and professionalism that permeate every aspect of The New England School of Art & Design….I would like to think that this exhibit has added a new dimension to the 12th and 13th floors, while at the same time informing and involving the entire University community.”

The exhibition spaces are open to the public on weekdays from 9am until 5pm.


NESADSU Loses Long-time Faculty Member

All of Suffolk University is deeply saddened by the loss of Tamotsu (Tommy) Yamamoto, a world-renowned architectural illustrator, dedicated teacher, mentor, and friend.  He always said, “You have no choice” when drawing perspectives in his class.  Tommy was charming, witty, and always had an opinion.  He loved his students–they were his family. Tommy’s spirit and talent for drawing will always be remembered. He was an absolute gift to all who knew him.

Tommy died on December 2nd after a brief battle with cancer. A beloved instructor at NESADSU for more than 20 years, he maintained a private practice as a design consultant for architects, developers, and interior designers serving local and international clients since 1976.

Tommy was a charter member and President Emeritus of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI). He received several “Awards of Excellence” and his work was exhibited in the United States, Europe, and Asia, including in Kyoto Museum of Fine Arts, the New York Avant-Garde Art Festival, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts, and in a one-man show at the NESADSU gallery in 2001.

His work was published in many books as well as in ASAI’s annual publications. Most recently, six pages of his work can be found in The Art of Architectural Art III (Rockport Publishers). He was an honorary member of Japan Architectural Renderers Association (JARA), the Design Communication Association (DCA), and an Associate of AIA (American Institute of Architects). He was also listed in “Who’s Who in America” and “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.”

Tommy graduated from Kyoto City University of Fine Arts with Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degrees. He was affiliated with the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT and studied architecture at Boston Architectural College. In 1976, he graduated from the postgraduate program of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.




2008 – Stormi Knight

2008 – Stormi Knight (Graphic Design) has returned to the Boston area and has taken a position as a web designer with Extension Engine at Harvard’s iLab in Allston. Though she’s only been there since early December, she already loves the job. Extension Engine, founded in 2000, provides “elegant and cost-effective solutions to complex technology and business challenges” (Extension Engine’s website). In product development and management, using their technical expertise, they provide companies here and abroad with long-term software solutions. Check them out at http://ilab.Harvard.edu/long-termresidents/extensionengine and contact Stormi at stormi.knight@gmail.com.