2006 – Allison Curran

classnote2006 – Allison Curran (Interior Design) has relocated to San Francisco and is working as a furniture designer for Pottery Barn. She works with four otherimgres designers (“…a smaller team than I ever imagined for such a big line of furniture”) and is the only interior designer; the others all have backgrounds in industrial design. In a nod to her past life, Allison says, “Had I not decided to move to the West Coast, I would have stayed working for Gary [McBournie, NESAD 1973 and the Principal of Gary McBournie, Inc. in Boston.] forever as he was an incredible boss and an amazing designer.”  But Allison says she loves San Francisco because it has so much to offer and would recommend it to anyone.You can get in touch with Allison at acurran16@gmail.com.