NESADSU Alumni Included in Exhibition at Suffolk

Sam Spano
X’s (Bead Painting #9), Acrylic on Canvas, 38″x84″

featureAn exhibition of the works of NESADSU faculty in Suffolk’s Stahl Building at 73 Tremont Street includes the work of two alumni, Sam Spano (Fine Arts 2010) and John Roy (Fine Arts 2012). The exhibition, curated and installed by James Manning (Fine Arts 2005), is available for viewing in the public areas of the 12th and 13th floors until July 31, 2013. Also featured are works, in a variety of mediums, by Foundation, Fine Arts and Illustration faculty, including Harry Bartnick, Bebe Beard, Linda Brown, Paul Andrade, Deb Weisberg, Lydia Martin, Lisa French, Steve Novick and Susan Nichter.

John RoyWall Work No. 27, Wallpaper, interior paint, molding, Approx. 12"x12"
John Roy
Wall Work No. 27, Wallpaper, interior paint, molding, Approx. 12″x12″

As NESADSU Chairman Bill Davis said in his introduction to the exhibition: “Collectively, it [the exhibition] speaks volumes about the creativity and professionalism that permeate every aspect of The New England School of Art & Design….I would like to think that this exhibit has added a new dimension to the 12th and 13th floors, while at the same time informing and involving the entire University community.”

The exhibition spaces are open to the public on weekdays from 9am until 5pm.