Alumni Survey Provides Wealth of Information


The survey that NESADSU emailed in February to our alumni of the past ten years has provided some very interesting and gratifying information which will be used in advertising and recruiting, on our website, and as bragging rights to anyone who wishes to listen. (Of the 607 alums who received the survey, 251 responded, an impressive number.) Designed by NESADSU’s Bill Davis and Sara Chadwick, with lots of help from Megan Daley of the University’s Office of Institutional Planning & Research, the survey asked questions about employment, further education, professional recognition, and positive and negative aspects of the NESADSU educational experience, in addition to updated contact information. (If you graduated between 2003 and 2012 and didn’t receive a survey, it’s probably because you’re not in our alumni database. You can fix that by sending your current home and work information to

We’re still looking at and organizing the data returned to us and we’ll have information on that in the near future. What we can tell you are the names of the winners of the $50 American Express gift cards, who were chosen at random from the lists of responders. They were:

  •  Melanie Stack (Interior Design 2011)
  • Bethany Burns (Interior Design 2012)
  • Aaliah Al-Aali (MA in Graphic Design 2011)
  • Nicole (Dagle) Morse (MA in Interior Design 2008)
  • Mariano Conejo (MA in Graphic Design
  • Jennifer Virden (Decorative Arts 2007)
  • Justin Marquis (Graphic Design 2008)
  • Nichole (Kaye) Vatcher (Fine Arts 2004)
  • Greg Frye (Graphic Design 2009)
  • Holly Coutu (Fine Arts 2011).

(That’s one in every 25 who responded to the survey by the designated date.)

Thanks to everyone who took part! Stay tuned for the results.         `