1993 – Steinunn Jonsdottir

classnote1993 – Steinunn Jonsdottir (Interior Design) and her family spent the summer at their farm in the north of Iceland, in the company of the resident artists IMG_3166and designers at the Baer Art Center, of which she is the director (www.baer.is). In addition they managed to fit in a trip to Tuscany and a family camping rip to Skaftafell National Park, closer IMG_3258to home. Steinunn and her husband have four children: Unnar Örn, a happy 2 1/2 year old toddler who loves the outdoors; Baldur who is 6 and a dedicated soccer player; Jón Bragi, who, at 15, is headed to junior college in the fall; and Nanna Katrin, 18, who is halfway through her four years of junior college and who is more and more into music. Steinunn and her husband, Finnur, are “trying to keep up with the endless projects that pile up around family, business, farm life and the art center and are hanging in there!”. Steinunn herself is finishing up the renovation of the Baer Art Center website, and is working on new brochures as well as a Baer cookbook. You can get in touch with her at sj@sj.is.