Ever wish you could ask your students, in-semester, how things are going? Now you can with a mid-term feedback session coordinated by CTSE.

Upon your request, we’ll schedule a time to visit your classroom to ask your students to give feedback on your teaching methods and their ability to learn in your class. Here are some of the questions we’ll ask your students during the visit:

  1. What are the strengths of the course and the instructor that assist you in learning?
  2. What things are making it more difficult for you to learn and what suggestions do you have for improvement?
  3. What might you do personally to improve your learning in the course?

The student responses will be gathered into a confidential report. Once it’s ready, we’ll discuss the results with you and discuss ideas for improvement based on what they had to say. Research has shown that faculty members who conduct mid-course feedback and have a consultation raise their end-of-semester evaluations and improve learning.

Would you rather collect your own mid-semester feedback?

If you wish to gather feedback directly from students, we recommend that you download and print this form. Bring enough forms for each student to complete individually and anonymously. Upon request, a CTSE consultant can review and discuss your feedback. If you’re interested in this option, you can either drop off the hard copies or scan and email them to the CTSE at ctse@suffolk.edu.

For tips on collecting and discussing feedback from your class: http://www.cmu.edu/teaching/assessment/howto/assessteaching/early-course-evaluations.html

You may be interested in using an online feedback system such as the Blackboard Survey tool. If you have any questions about implementing an online feedback tool, feel free to contact the CTSE for support.

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