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The CTSE supports and encourages the use of technology to achieve course objectives based on educational research and best practice.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

These tips, strategies, terms, and resources related to to teaching inclusively to diverse learners will give you the opportunity to create a positive, productive learning environment that leverages your students’ differences.

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The CTSE is sharing the Resource Information Regarding the Presidential Executive Order [PDF] to answer or direct students to the correct resource regarding questions or concerns stemming from this Executive Order.

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Founded in 2006, the Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excellence provides Suffolk University’s teacher-scholars with the tools they need to help our students achieve in all areas of their lives. We provide opportunities for members of the Suffolk community to engage in a range of diverse and effective professional development experiences. Our programming and services are available to the College of Arts & Sciences, Sawyer Business School, and Suffolk Law School.

This website is full of means and opportunities for you to reflect on ways to enhance your teaching and scholarly work. Our carefully selected resources, programs and services are always evolving to meet your needs. As this site does not contain an exhaustive list of all that we provide, consider this an open invitation to contact us. We look forward to working with you!

Diversity & Inclusion Resources for Teaching and Learning

The Suffolk student body is exceptionally diverse, and as an instructor, you have the opportunity to create a positive, productive learning environment that leverages your students’ differences. This page aims to provide you with tips, strategies, terms, and resources related to teaching inclusively to diverse learners. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us at ctse@suffolk.edu

12 Inclusive Teaching Strategies

There are concrete things you can do to promote an equitable, inclusive learning experience for your students. Some are simple and require very little planning, others are more complex but with high payoff. Click here for twelve strategies to leverage diversity and promote equity in your teaching.

Important terminology related to teaching and learning

Concepts such as stereotype threat, Universal Design for Learning, implicit bias, and microaggressions are highly relevant to teaching in any discipline. Familiarity with these terms can help you strive toward a more mindful teaching approach.Click here for definitions, explanations, and cited literature on some important terms and concepts related to teaching diverse learners.

Handling difficult discussions and challenging moments

One of the most challenging aspects of teaching involves effectively facilitating difficult conversations in the classroom. When controversial topics or unpopular viewpoints arise during class, there is a value opportunity for deep student learning – but handling these situations requires care and sensitivity. Click here for tips and resources on handling difficult discussions and challenging moments.

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