Only In Boston

Only in Boston- Professor Allison

I came across this while on twitter the other day although it doesn’t totally relate to Benjamin Franklin I thought others in the class might enjoy to see our very own Professor Allison being quoted by not only the Only In Boston twitter page but also by the New York Times. in the picture above you see a quote and professor Allison mentions that a Bostonian said it. It made me wonder what Bostonian said those words and upon my research it did have something to do with Benjamin Franklin for he said those words. Professor Allison I think I’m going to have to disagree with you Boston is quite a fun city in my opinion. Though the New York Times article isn’t about Benjamin Franklin it is about something that will effect many of us it’s about Boston late night transit. I highly recommend people read it and take notice of our professor for being involved with this even if we disagree with going early to bed and Boston being a fun city.

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