James Franklin’s printing shop

This is the address where James Franklin first published the ‘New-England Courant’. This was also the print shop where Benjamin Franklin was first introduced to the printing press. The site is less than 500 feet from the site of the Boston Massacre, and just down the street from Benjamin’s birthplace.                                                                                 ben franklin 2ben franklin

One thought on “James Franklin’s printing shop”

  1. Good post–especially liked that you found a different site , one we had not seen as a class. Franklin had his printing shop across the street from the Court House–and from the Town House, so he would be close to the news. Notable that at the time of the Revolution, this was the printing shop of Edes & Gill, who published the Boston Gazette, one of the leading Patriot papers. Might have used the same press! In the room upstairs, a group called “the Loyal Nine” met to plot resistance to British policy. This would have been the same room where the apprentice Benjamin Franklin had slept half a century earlier. Thanks for sharing the picture and post!

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