Silence Dogood Essay #3

In essay number three published in April 1722 by Silence Dogood, Franklin emphasizes the notion that people should make it their duty to serve their country to the best of their abilities whatever that may be. He clearly states in the beginning of his essay that he has not quite lived up to this expectation in the past by stating: “I sincerely acknowledge that I hitherto been very deficient in this Particular”. Franklin also makes a point of noting that he (from a young age) has always been a studious individual who desires to gain all of the knowledge that he possibly can. He goes on to make his point that this knowledge has benefitted him because it has improved his mind and given him a greater understanding of the world.

One of the other main points of essay number three is to set the standards of the way that a writer should practice their craft. For example, in the third paragraph of the essay he discusses that while it is impossible for a writer to please every reader; they should try their best to do so. He states that writers should vary the themes, subjects, and styles of their writing in order to appeal to a wide variety of readers. Franklin makes this clear when he writes: “He that would (in this way of writing) please all, is under a necessity to make his themes almost as numerous as his letters”. It seems that Franklin is trying to relate writing to the first point of his essay, which was that people should make it their duty to serve their country to the best of their abilities. In this case, writers should be writing for the readers and not necessarily for themselves.

Franklin closes out his essay by discussing how he has finished his foundation, and that he intends to continue on working on himself to raise his “building”. He ends with calling himself the most humble and obedient of all servants. Overall, Franklin is making a point to his readers that they should make use of their abilities or craft in order to serve the greater good of the rest of their country and the people who live in it.

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