Suffolk students get ready for November 4

BOSTON — As the calendar inches closer to Nov. 4, American citizens are preparing themselves for a historical presidential election. With such diversity amongst the candidates and their running mates, college students are getting more involved than ever. In Boston, Mass., students at Suffolk University are finding new and unique ways to participate in this year’s campaigns and elections.

Suffolk University’s government department offers students several opportunities to become involved with the presidential election. One opportunity in particular is the University Pollworkers Project (UPP) directed by Rachael Cobb, professor of government. The UPP has teamed up with MassVote and Boston area schools to recruit students to serve as poll workers for the upcoming election. Continue reading

Tuition increase does not go unnoticed

BOSTON — Suffolk University recently increased its tuition and dorm rates in order to compete with other Boston institutions. Students were notified on Feb. 14, 2008 via e-mail by the university’s president David J. Sargent. The increase will be instituted for the 2008-2009 school year.

Undergraduate students will pay $25,850 a year due to the 7% increase in tuition, according to an e-mail sent out by Sargent, Suffolk’s president. Law students’ tuition also inflated from the 7% increase in tuition. Students who attend the law school during the day will be charged $38,070, and night students will be charged $28,552. Continue reading

President Sargent fosters Suffolk’s major growth

BOSTON — Since David J. Sargent became president in 1989, Suffolk University has been through tremendous growth, changing from a small commuter-based institution into a flourishing and urban university serving students across the country and around the world.Under President Sargent’s administration, there have been a number of major additions to the Suffolk community. One of these additions is the campuses in Madrid, Spain and Dakar, Senegal, as well as three satellite campuses in Massachusetts. Students are able to take advantage of these locations, as many Suffolk students choose to study abroad.

Trish Ayer, a freshman at Suffolk University, intends to study at the Madrid campus next year. “I am thrilled about studying in Madrid next semester,” Ayer said. “The campus there offers Suffolk students such an easy way to study abroad, while keeping on track with their credits and university hours.” Continue reading

The world is at your fingertips — study abroad!

BOSTON — The world is at your fingertips and it’s time to reach out and grab it. Studying abroad will tighten your grip on today’s world; educationally, culturally, and socially.

Suffolk University’s Center for International Education offers roughly 25 study abroad programs in over 55 countries around the world. Students have the option of studying in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Regardless of the season or country selected, an expansive educational and rich cultural experience is guaranteed. Continue reading