Suffolk’s BLC helps students

BOSTON — Having trouble in a class or two? Need accommodations for your learning disability? Where do you go? Stop by the second floor of Donahue. The Ballotti Learning Center is there, and where you can find help.

The Ballotti Learning Center (BLC) is an on-campus resource focused on helping all Suffolk students reach their highest academic potential. The BLC offers programs and services designed for students who want to improve their GPA, learn new study techniques, better understand particular subject material, and utilize their time more effectively. Continue reading

Hair actor Bryan Daley is no stranger to performance

BOSTON — “I was always being annoying and singing Disney songs.” And so began 19-year-old Bryan Daley’s theatrical journey.

Daley, a sophomore at Suffolk University, is currently performing in the Suffolk Theater Department’s production of Hair: the American Tribal Rock-Love Musical. Hair depicts the era of the Vietnam War, and the youthful hippies who fought so hard for their bohemian lifestyle and against the war. Daley’s role, Berger, is a challenging role, one that is both dynamic and extremely demanding.

“Berger is a big cynic, but very sincere at the same time,” said Daley. Continue reading

President Sargent fosters Suffolk’s major growth

BOSTON — Since David J. Sargent became president in 1989, Suffolk University has been through tremendous growth, changing from a small commuter-based institution into a flourishing and urban university serving students across the country and around the world.Under President Sargent’s administration, there have been a number of major additions to the Suffolk community. One of these additions is the campuses in Madrid, Spain and Dakar, Senegal, as well as three satellite campuses in Massachusetts. Students are able to take advantage of these locations, as many Suffolk students choose to study abroad.

Trish Ayer, a freshman at Suffolk University, intends to study at the Madrid campus next year. “I am thrilled about studying in Madrid next semester,” Ayer said. “The campus there offers Suffolk students such an easy way to study abroad, while keeping on track with their credits and university hours.” Continue reading

Rams go unmatched

BOSTON — Suffolk University’s premier a capella group, The Ramifications, finished up the year with a fantastic festival of song this past Friday evening, along with three other a capella groups from neighboring universities.

The Rams held their annual A Capella Festival in the C. Walsh Theater, along with Northeastern University’s Distilled Harmony, and Boston University’s In Achord and Allegrettos.

The popular groove, Ready to Go, by Republica, was the first song of the night, featuring the lovely and edgy voice of Kaitlyn Flynn as soloist. The Ramifications started off the evening with an enthusiastic tone, as well as with a touch of class; all were dressed to the nines in an array of dazzling black outfits. Continue reading

PAO brings condemned to life

BOSTON — Suffolk University’s Performing Arts Office recently presented its Pioneer Performance Series, The Exonerated, which brought to life the tragedy of innocent inmates on death row.

As the play began, lights came up upon the entire cast sitting in chairs upon a multitude of levels on stage. The play went on to follow the story of six people–Kerry Max Cook, Gary Gauger, Sonia “Sunny” Jacobs, David Keaton, Delbert Tibbs and Robert Earl Hayes—all who were wrongly convicted of capital murderer charges and sentenced to death row.

In 2000, the authors of the play, Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, attended an anti-death penalty conference at Columbia University. It was this experience that led them to write The Exonerated. They interviewed sixty people from different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, locations, and religions. But all had spent time on death row, and all were innocent. Continue reading