A performing art lover’s dream

BROCKTON, Mass. — Have you ever heard of a person becoming an institution in what they help create? Carol Thomas, 67, has become an institution of the theater arts variety. She has become a legend. In Brockton, Mass., the city many call the City of Champions, Thomas’ tenure lasted 35 years. With her help, Brockton’s Drama program flourished.

Carol Thomas is a life-long resident of Brockton. She attended elementary and junior high school there and later graduated from Brockton High School in 1959. As a child, she was always interested in the arts, and that interest followed her in her formative years.

After graduating college, Thomas came back to her beloved Brockton and began to teach at West Junior High School. In 1971, everything began to happen in succession for her. She, along with Thomas Richards, produced the musical Brigadoon, which then led to a decades-long foundation for theater arts in Brockton. That same year, she established the Brockton High School Drama Club. Continue reading

I’m blue, and if I was green I would die

BOSTON — It is crazy, comedic and blue all over. It comes in three’s, and it can even perform tricks. What could it be? The Blue Man Group of course.Blue Men GroupMarch 22, on a Saturday night at the Charles Playhouse on 74 Warrenton Street in Boston, Mass., three men in all blue paint gave their performance to an excited crowd of fans of all ages.

“They are phenomenal,” said Kerry Mooney of the North End. “The show was so different than anything else I had ever seen.”

That is the sentiment of many after leaving the Blue Man Group. During a typical show, the Blue Man Group throws toilet paper at the crowd, grabs volunteers from the audience and involves them in the show, and gets everyone pumped with the steady beat of their three giant drum heads. Strobe lights flashing at different intervals give an unearthly view and feel to the theater. Continue reading