I’m blue, and if I was green I would die

BOSTON — It is crazy, comedic and blue all over. It comes in three’s, and it can even perform tricks. What could it be? The Blue Man Group of course.Blue Men GroupMarch 22, on a Saturday night at the Charles Playhouse on 74 Warrenton Street in Boston, Mass., three men in all blue paint gave their performance to an excited crowd of fans of all ages.

“They are phenomenal,” said Kerry Mooney of the North End. “The show was so different than anything else I had ever seen.”

That is the sentiment of many after leaving the Blue Man Group. During a typical show, the Blue Man Group throws toilet paper at the crowd, grabs volunteers from the audience and involves them in the show, and gets everyone pumped with the steady beat of their three giant drum heads. Strobe lights flashing at different intervals give an unearthly view and feel to the theater.

“It was great when they just took those pipes and started banging out some music and when the live band popped out of nowhere it was crazy,” said Eleni Papas of Watertown, Mass., referring to the point in the show where the Blue Men began to play music.

At first the guys took to their own devices. They used random white pipes to bang on and make music, and as soon as you think they are getting to their climax, from behind a black curtain a band appears. A full band with guitars and drums joins the group.

Later in the show, the Blue Men also enjoy music on the drums themselves. The drums laden with paint are played as the strobe lights are on. The paint went everywhere, splashing to and fro in ecstatic fluorescent colors.

The audience all around was in awe. Nobody could tear their eyes away from the Blue Men on the stage.

The Blue Men Group has been having this effect on people since 1988 when the show began. It is a creative organization founded by Phil Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman. The show is centered on a trio of mute performers, called Blue Men, who present themselves in blue grease paint and wear latex bald caps and black clothing.

Blue Man Group includes theatrical acts and the incorporation of rock music in their performances, while the addition of odd props, audience participation, sophisticated lighting, and large amounts of paper are thrown in the mix as well.

The shows are humorous and at times can convey a political message to the audience. It is a satire on modern life, and the show even has its front row dub itself the “poncho section” because the audience is provided with plastic ponchos in order to protect them from various food, substances, and paints, that are thrown, ejected, or sprayed from the stage.

For future shows at the Charles Playhouse, visit bluemangroup.com/tickets for further information. If you want your fill of goo, paint and other substances, or just a crazy night out, this is the place for you.

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