Ol’ El Paso

This is such a great program! I have to honestly say that I didn’t go down to El Paso to make new friends, but by the end of the week I felt so close with everyone! It is the most gratifying thing to see a group of students so intent on making a difference, even in one short week, when we are all burnt out from school and just want a vacation. We are not heroes, but I definitely have so much respect for everyone who has done this program with their spare time! I feel like we got so much accomplished, learned a lot, and grew a lot during our week for Habitat for Humanity! I am so thankful that this program exists, especially during this time when our country is experiencing a housing crunch, foreclosures, and a highly insufficient amount of quality low-income housing that has been steadily getting worse over the past few decades. It is devastating to not have a home, and so much of one’s livelihood, and as we saw, one’s family, depends on the ownership of property. We helped make that possible for a new family, and even though we don’t know who they will be, we can be sure it is going to a family in desperate need. GREAT WORK EVERYONE!!! I miss you all…

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