Mississppi needs some representation! Here I go:

The time spent down in the Gulf was remarkable. For me, it was my first time actually traveling outside of the Northeast and on an airplane. From the moment we left, I was experiancing something new every minute of that entire week. I will never forget it.

It’s hard to explain the trip and how I felt. I met many remarkable and interesting people. It’s always interesting to travel somewhere new. Especially in Mississippi. I would look out to an empty lot where there was a house and wonder what it looked like.

El Paso TX Habitat for Humanity!

I was very ecstatic when I found out I was going to El Paso, Texas. When Ally first described the project to me I became very exited. The week I was in El Paso my life changed tremendously. During that week, I was very blessed to meet Matilda and Hector! Beautiful Kids from El Paso! These beautiful kids lived in a Habitat House across the street from our work site. Seeing these kids made me feel so happy that I was there as a volunteer, building a habitat home for their future neighbors. Every nail I nailed, I thought about how grateful the family moving into this home would be of the work we accomplished.


Texas was an unbelievable experience for all of us. I know that many valued not only the friendships that were made and still remain but how important it was to view the world from a completely different aspect. It was not only the kids we met, the people we worked with and what we learned about others and ourselves that made it so special, but the fact that living a completely different lifestyle in boston seemed to put everything into more perspective than we had already gained. I really miss el paso and all of you guys!