More Soap

After much deliberations the Soap Commitee Action Task Force has reached the final phases of planning for our segmant in the Honors symposium. We have decided on a soap carving contest, as making soap is often too time consuming and dangerous for such an event. We feel this would be a good way to attract attention from passers by, as well as gather enough people in the area to have a disscuion about how one actually made soap in the 1700’s and how this realtes to Franklin’s life.

3 thoughts on “More Soap”

  1. I feel as though you gave up on the soap carving although time consuming I feel it is worth it in the end to put a smile on everyone’s face when they have carved some nice soap. Also Professor Allison did find your soap for purchase so i feel soap committee isn’t pulling their weight. However i don’t Judge even though Snack committee stands on their own. All joking aside nice work and i wish you all the best luck in the future. Hope your committee flourishes.

    Love Everyone’s Favorite committee

    Rachel Fancy
    Snack Committee President

  2. After seeing the sample of soap and how easy it is to carve, I think the soap carving will turn out to be a very successful display. It is, however, pretty messy, so we will have to get some garbage cans to do it over, or lay down something on the table to make for an easy clean-up.

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