Franklin’s Feast Proposal

Rachel Fancy

Zach Castagnola

Tom Charpentier

Kally Morse

Snack Committee just wanted to get everyone excited for the honors palooza by sharing the specialties of this feast. Have a taste of apple jam with a nice crusty French baguette, and take yourself back to Franklin first arriving in Philadelphia and having little money to his name and rejoicing at the abundance of bread he was able to purchase with his little financial means. Not a fan of apple jam? Sink your teeth into some nice American cheddar cheese, patriotic to the last bite just like good old Ben Franklin. Looking for something different to snack on? Enjoy one of Franklin’s favorite snack, some nice pickles. I know you’re probably worried about what to wash this all down with don’t worry, snack committee has you covered. Enjoy some delicious sparkling grape juice in place of Franklin’s favorite red wine. I hope you’re as excited as we are; can’t wait for you to feast like a Founding Father!

4 thoughts on “Franklin’s Feast Proposal”

  1. Looks like you guys have really done your research! I am excited to snack on these Franklin approved snacks. Glad you guys have put so much effort into this Palooza, surely it will pay off! Too bad Franklin didn’t really say the beer quote, that could have been fun. But the bread, jam, pickles, cheese, and grape juice should be sufficient!

  2. These were very creative ideas for snacks for the Franklin Fest event, linking them to Franklin, himself, and what foods he ate and enjoyed. I think the people who come will enjoy all of the snacks and will possibly like hearing about the reasoning behind what foods you chose for this event. Overall, good job snack committee and thanks for sharing what types of snacks you’ll be bringing!

  3. You guys are great! The research that you have done has definitely shown through this creative plan for the event! The snacks that you are choosing to provide for “Franklin’s Feast” possess some great significance due to the fact that they all have something to do with Benjamin Franklin and his life!

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