Statue of Benjamin Franklin

ben franklin statue 3

The Benjamin Franklin statue, located at the old Boston City Hall, was constructed by Richard Greenough in 1856 and was the city’s first public statue of a person. The statue is located along School Street and overlooks the former site of the Boston Latin School, where Franklin actually once attended. The statue was constructed with four bronze panels around its base in order to depict Franklin’s most significant accomplishments; such as being a printer, a scientist, being present at the Declaration of Independence, and at the signing of the Treaty of Paris. When you get closer to these bottom panels, you will be able to see detailed pictures of all four of these events in Franklin’s life carved into the bronze. The statue has become a popular and famous tourist attraction for the city of Boston, due to the fact that it is located along the popular Freedom Trail. When examining the statue in person, it is amazing how detailed the images on the four panels are, considering they were carved out of bronze about one-hundred sixty years ago. By taking the time to actually read and absorb the information on the statue, a person can learn a great deal about some of the most important times in Benjamin Franklin’s life.

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