Birth Place Of Benjamin Franklin


I could not tell you the countless number of times that I have walked by one milk street and had no idea that one of America’s most influential individuals was born at this location in 1706. Although the image you see is not his original building of his birthplace due to the fact it burned down in the 1811 it is still pretty cool to think such an enlightened person was born there. If you pass by One milk street you will see a statue of Benjamin Franklins head stating “Birthplace of Franklin”.

One thought on “Birth Place Of Benjamin Franklin”

  1. This was also a site that interested me because as long as i have lived in Boston, i have never noticed this. I never realized that such an important historical figure had his roots in the same place that i was also born. It is inspiring and really makes you think about the history beneath our feet. It is cool to live in a place filled with so much history!

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