The Benjamin Franklin Statue at The Boston Latin School

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In front of the first public school in America, the Boston Latin School stands a statue of Benjamin Franklin, one of the schools most famous attendees. The Boston Latin school saw the likes of Samuel Adams and John Hancock pass through their doors, yet the statue of Franklin is the one that appears here. This happened despite Franklin typically being association with Philadelphia, while Adams and Hancock are more associated with Boston. The fact that Franklins attendance over shadows that of the others shows just how influential and admired Franklin was, and still is today. A likely reason for this is Franklins diversity in accomplishments, several of which are displayed on the statue.

The statue commemorates multiple points in Benjamin Franklin’s life, and acts well as a monument to his expansion of traits. The most prominent figure of the monument, the actual statue of Franklin displays him as most recognize him, later in life during his time as a writer and diplomat. Below the statue of Franklin there are several bronze plaques, each showing a different time in Franklins life. The front shows Franklin as he first begins as a printer. As many know Franklin worked as a printer in both Boston when he first left school, and continued in Philadelphia where he eventually moved. The back of the Statue holds a plaque that shows Franklin and his famous lighting experiment, this both directly shows and represents Franklins innovation as a scientist. Finally, on either side of the statue are plaques demonstrating Franklin’s skill as a diplomate. One the right side Franklin is shows during the drafting of the Declaration of in dependance, and on the left he is working on America’s early treaty with Paris. These four plaques truly show how much Franklin was able to accomplish in drastically different fields.



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  1. Vince–

    Nice, but this is not in front of the Latin School; it is on the site where the Latin School once stood, but Boston Latin is now in a different part of the city (the Fenway). The Franklin statue is in front of the Old City Hall.

    The treaty Franklin is working on is with the British–the treaty was negotiated and signed in Paris (hence, the Treaty of Paris) but it was with Great Britain. Franklin had negotiated the treaty with France in 1778–that brought France into the war on the side of the Americans, but the war ended wit the negotiation of the Treaty of Paris with Great Britain.

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