Awesome view of the Franklins’ grave stone head.


I had a very nice view of Franklin’s parents’ grave in Boston with the class. It was interesting to see that the Franklins have the biggest stone head out of everyone in the cemetery. I also enjoyed listening to professor Allison talk about it and give some background information, even though it was very cold this day. I learned a lot about Benjamin Franklin, and was especially excited to hear that he was born right on Milk Street- where my favorite coffee shop is- and that his parents are buried somewhere that I walk by every single day! This memorial-viewing was so informational for me, and it was so cool to learn Franklin’s roots to my own hometown of Boston, Ma.

One thought on “Awesome view of the Franklins’ grave stone head.”

  1. Every time that i walked by this cemetery i would look up at this tall gravestone and wonder whose it was. I never went into that cemetery before so seeing that grave for Franklin’s parents was very interesting to me! Not many people may know that they walk by some very important history every single day and there’s things about Boston that even those who have lived here or awhile have not discovered. For this reason, the trip taught me a lot and brought me to a site i have never been to before.

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