6 Weeks, 60 Blogs!

The pilot has been running 6 weeks and we have 60 blogs so far! This is amazing since we have not formally spread the word aside from one email that went out to faculty after the break. Faculty are using blogs for their research, programs, and courses, and some have students blogging as part of the course curriculum. The students range from new freshman to final semester grad students. Right now you can’t see all of the blogs; only visible are the most recently added blogs and the most recently active blogs. We are working on a way to show a directory of all blogs on the server so the Suffolk Community (and others) can find them.

We currently have over 50 custom templates to choose from, many with the ability to add custom header images. On the top right of this blog, our home page, there is a support section tab. We are developing more support and will be adding video tutorials in the near future.

To sign up, just click “Sign Up” over on the right and get started!

Need Help? Visit the Support Page.

Want to Learn More? Visit the About Page.

Any comments or suggestions so far? We’d love to hear from you!

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