Pilot Has Over 100 Users and Interest Keeps Growing

Back in the 3rd week of March, CAS Suffolk blogs added its 100th user, and since that time we now have over 130 CAS Suffolk blog users! Some have just begun, some are in exploration phases, and some users have been blogging since the pilot began at the end of January. Some blogs have a single author or user only, and other users contribute to one group blog. There are some really informative blogs located here, and as the pilot expands and the user base grows, a dynamic picture of the rich and diverse community here at Suffolk University’s College of Arts & Sciences is beginning to emerge and take shape.

As word of this pilot project spreads, interest has been growing and we’ve received requests for blogs from all different parts of the University. Right now, this pilot is limited to the College of Arts & Sciences only. We look forward to helping others explore the potential ability of expanding the pilot and its support to allow for more access and even greater representation of the Suffolk University community. Read more about this pilot and stay tuned as we will keep you posted on the status of this exciting project.

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