2009 – Christina Watka

2009 – Christina Watka (Fine Arts), who had been Display Coordinator for the Anthropologie in Natick, has relocated to New York. Having decided to move to New York in order to further her career, Christina worked with Anthropologie on a transfer position but, “when the time came to move, there were no positions open in NYC, so I moved anyway and planned to keep in touch with Anthropologie until a new position opened. Then I was contacted by an old manager at Anthro who is now the Regional Visual Manager for Free People (a sister company, on the rise!). She had heard that I couldn’t find a job in NYC right away and said she wanted to hire an additional District Display Coordinator for Free People. I obviously accepted!! I couldn’t be happier. I ended up getting a promotion out of taking the scary leap into NYC without a job…. I took two months off to discover the city, visit family and move in completely. I start with Free People tomorrow [October 22nd] when I will spend the entire week in Philadelphia prototyping the new holiday display. As far as I know, I am one of six District Display Coordinators and I will be based in NYC (Soho specifically), overseeing three specific stores as well as travelling to do store openings and workshops.”  For more information, email Christina at christinawatka@gmail.com.