An ICONic Experience

Two NESADSU Graphic Design alumnae, Eleanor Kaufman (2010) and Bianca Pettinicchi (2010) are following what’s beginning to seem like a well-travelled path to Switzerland, to put a few finishing touches on their design education. Coming a year after Amy Parker (2011) and Lauren DeFranza (also 2011) made the same trip, both are interning for ICON Worldwide in the canton of Appenzell, near the Austrian border. ICON is a full-service agency, specializing in branding, print communications, website development, and social and mobile media. Eleanor has graciously consented to share her blog with the NESADSU community, as she wrote about her study abroad experiences in a previous issue of & Then. Combining her daily accounts of working for an international design firm, with thoughts about living abroad, in the town of Gais, learning to navigate in German, and seeing as much of the countryside as she can fit into her busy schedule, Eleanor paints a portrait of an opportunity not to be missed. Interested graphic designers take note!