Perez Hilton: Did that really happen?

Since 2004, Perez Hilton has been informing us about the famous, and the infamous on his Web site, But, can we believe everything we read and see? Whether it’s Tom Cruise or Barack Obama, Hilton always keeps it entertaining. Most of us rely on the Internet for the latest updates, and since 2005, has been a one-stop shop for all the latest news and gossip updates.

Perez Hilton, born Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., has vowed to bring the truth. The self-proclaimed Queen of Media does just that, while putting his two cents in.Hilton has gained both friends and foes among the celebrities he blogs about on his Web site. He calls such artists as Katy Perry, Mika, and even Madonna his friends, but he doesn’t have all of Hollywood on his side. Stylist Rachel Zoe and actress Sienna Miller have both shown their dislike for Hilton for not always saying the nicest of words about them.

Hilton has managed to make his blog stand out by incorporating his own opinions of celebrities, both good and bad. He also keeps things interesting with his “white pen” he uses to doodle on photos, or by introducing his new favorite band or actor.

Hilton has even been said to have the ability to make or break the careers of newcomers. Artists Mika and The Saturdays have gained popularity thanks to Hilton.

But still, the question remains: why do we love gossip so much? College student Meghan McDonough says, “Me and my friends never run out of things to talk about, there is always something going on. Keeping up with the latest gossip and trends has become part of my generation.”

Hilton never runs out of stories for his blog. He has revealed in many interviews that he regularly updates the site personally, sometimes even 50 times a day. “There is always something new; it keeps my days interesting,” says Katie Sullivan.

Hilton never reveals his sources, but always insists they are credible and firsthand. Though we may never who these sources are, it is almost more fun to wonder who his friends may be on the “inside.”

2 thoughts on “Perez Hilton: Did that really happen?

  1. I have to agree with the article that Hilton does provide very humorous article. His site is entertaining and keeps me through the day and away from the constant grind of corporate America.

  2. Perez Hilton’s site is very entertaining. It is always updated regularly and has some interesting stories. I visit the site almost everyday. People love gossip for some reason and if it’s not about their lives then it is even better.

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