A heartfelt ‘Thank You’

BRIGHTON, Mass. — After five years of making music, The Wandas recently took their musical career to the next level. Over a span of two days, the four band mates worked together to create their very own music video for their latest single, ‘Thank You Note.’

The upbeat lyrics describe how the band received family, friends and new people into their Brighton home. Keith McEachern, Brent Battery, Pete McElholm and Ross Lucivero welcomed anyone and everyone into their home to take part in their debut music video.

As soon as I walked in the door I was warmly welcomed by McElhom, the band’s lively drummer. Though I only came to cover the shoot, he convinced me to be an extra in the video along with 100 others.

Ross at video shoot“We really wanted to get as many people as possible from different backgrounds to be in the video,” he said. “Everyone is welcome.”

It was hard to distinguish a rowdy music video was being filmed inside the unassuming three-story home. Walking down the street in search of the shoot, I expected to immediately identify which house was the site of the shoot, with only the sounds of birds chirping and cars passing filling the air.

Once I entered through the door marked “WANDAS Video Shoot,” it was a different scene altogether.

In the living room, extras took part by singing-along while listening to the song and reading a copy of the lyrics. With the song on repeat for most of the day, it was certainly hard to forget the catchy lyrics. Family and friends mulled about between the living room and kitchen, all showing their support.

Originally from Worcester, McEachern, McElholm and Lucivero had friends and family travel to take part in the band’s big day.

While McElholm and Battery organized extras downstairs assigning numbers and handing out lyrics, lead singer McEachern and bassist Lucivero directed the video shoot in a bedroom three flights up a winding staircase. Walkie-talkies in hand, they signaled downstairs when they were ready for a new extra.

In the small room, a large professional camera faced a stool in the middle of the room. Bright lights facing the stool were certainly intimidating. I immediately regretted my decision to take part. As I sat in the chair with all eyes, a camera and blinding lights facing me, I waited for Keith’s cue to begin.

But once the song played and the camera rolled, I felt right at home. With large cue cards to guide me through the song, Keith danced around the room encouraging me to do the same. In an instant, my nerves disappeared and I became part of the video.

To accompany the theme of the song, extras were asked to write a short thank you note to whomever they pleased: “To all my friends, and all my acquaintances, I wanted to share my feelings with you…”

With two full days of shooting extras for the video, The Wandas were excited to step in front of the camera to do what they do best.

After all the extras had sung-along to the four minute song, the Wandas dressed up and performed as if they were on stage at one of their regular gigs.

“We’re really excited about making our first video,” McElhom said. “It’s been really fun.”

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