Natural Gas Hydraulic Fracturing (hydrofracking)

The Natural gas hydraulic fracturing or in simpler terms hydrofracking is a controversial issue. As you will see, to some it is an important issue but to others it causes more harm than help.

Many may ask what hydrofracking is, and the basic explanation is       “ The process used in nine out of 10 natural gas wells in the United States, where millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals are pumped underground to break apart the rock and release the gas”(Fracking, ProPublica). The diagram below is a great visual to aid the explanation of hydrofracking.

Like previously stated some people don’t agree with hydrofracking and are even worried about the process. “Two state lawmakers in Illinois are promoting legislation to restrict hydraulic fracturing, a process used by the energy industry to free oil and gas from rock that has drawn concern form environmentalists nationwide”(Illinois bills would restrict hydraulic fracturing, Illinois News).  There are many reasons why this hydrofracking scares people but especially the threat of the chemicals leaking into the water systems. “Environmentalists worry the chemicals could leak into supplies of drinking water from cracked casings in wells, and that wastewater from the process could contaminate water supplies”( Illinois bills would restrict hydraulic fracturing, Illinois News).

The places where hydrofracking generally occurs are: 

The positive aspect that some see about hydrofracking is that it can retrieve natural gas, which can be very beneficial to us as a nation. “ Hydraulic fracturing is a proven technological advancement which allows producers to safely recover natural gas and oil from deep shale formations. This technology has the potential to not only dramatically reduce our reliance on foreign fuel imports, but also to significantly reduce our national carbon dioxide emissions and accelerate our transition to a carbon-light environment”(, Hydraulic Fracturing Facts).

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