Silence DoGood 6

In the 6th Letter of Benjamin Franklin’s “Silence DoGood” series, Franklin, through his pen name take the opportunity to speak of the evil and consequences of pride and for this reason, states it is the “most hateful (vice) to God and Man”. . Franklin notes that the proud man aims only to be better than others and that this is not an appropriate way to go about one’s life. Franklin claims that pride come before and leads to the destruction of life.

Franklin claims that pride come before and leads to the destruction of life. This may seem like a hefty claim, but Franklin backs it up with logic, and the reader can easily follow the process he used to arrive at that conclusion. Franklin explains that if one dominated by pride arrives at a small fortune, he or she will be unable to prevent their pride from consuming their entire life, and fortune. Following pride would lead a man or women to strive to imitate those around and them, those who in fact poses more than them. This will cause the person who once possessed a small fortune to end up worse off than when they began. Imitating wealth is a very expensive process, and as Franklin says “By striving to appear rich they become really poor”. This makes the argument that pride is a bad thing even stronger, as its no longer a question of morality, but can clearly have a negative effect on a person’s life.

It is at least slightly ironic to write a letter aimed at convincing people to improve themselves while arguing that one should avoid pride. By writing a letter aimed at improving other lives is to say that Franklin felt he was in some way wiser, or more educated that his readers would be. This is clearly Franklins pride showing, which contradicts the message he puts forward. If Franklin is so successful, yet clearly has some level of pride, why should other avoid pride? It clearly worked for Franklin.

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