Josiah and Abiah Franklin Obelisk



This Obelisk was erected in 1827 by citizens to replace the original marker, that Benjamin Franklin had erected to honor his parents, since the original was worn because of the passage of time. The inscription on the stone reads, “Josiah Franklin And Abiah his Wife Lie here interred. They lived lovingly together in Wedlock. Fifty-five Years. Without an Estate or any gainful Employment, By constant Labour and Industry, With God’s Blessing,They maintained a large Family, Comfortably; And brought up thirteen Children, and seven Grandchildren Reputably. From this Instance Reader, Be encouraged to Diligence in thy Calling, and distrust not Providence. He was a pious & prudent man, She a discreet and virtuous Woman. Their youngest Son, In filial Regard of their Memory, Places this Stone. J.F born 1655—-Died 1744. Ætat 89      A.F. born 1667—-died 1752——85” (The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin with related Documents, Second Edition, P. 35-36) With this inscription, Benjamin Franklin is telling us to take a lesson away from how his parents were, telling us to be effective and hard-working in our calling or profession, and to not ignore God.


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